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1. Increase tire air pressure. Look on the sidewall of your tires and find what your maximum tire inflation is. On most car radials it is 35 P.S.I. cold. On some small tires and sporty low profile tires the pressure is much higher. In the morning when it is cooler outside, inflate all your tires to the maximum pressure. Your car may now ride like a farm wagon and not handle as well, but you could see fuel mileage improvement of 20% or more! This tip will help to better MPG on vans, suvs, and light trucks too. If your SUV or pickup has agressive tread tires for all season or off road, change to a smoother highway rib pattern. You will see a drastic gas mileage increase.

2. Use Synthetic Oil in Your Engine. Yes it does cost more. You can offset the cost by changing your oil every 7,000 to 9,000 miles. Shell Rotella-T Synthetic 5w40 is the best bargain, plus it is made to run 25,000 miles in semi-trucks. In your normal car it will increase your gas mileage 2-5 mpg and give you a little more power. The best deal for Shell Rotella-T Synthetic is buying gallon jugs at Wal-Mart. Royal Purple, Amsoil, and Mobile-1 are good too, but cost more. If you drive a big 4x4 SUV or pickup, using synthetic gear oil in the transfer case and differentials can really boot mpg!

3. Buy your gasoline in the morning. During the heat of the day, the ground tempurature is higher and the above ground equipment is warmer. A 25 degree tempurature swing from early morning to late afternoon can result in a 4% to 6% expansion in gasoline volume. Buying you gas in the morning could be like getting your fuel 20 cents per gallon cheaper.

4. Burn water with gasoline. This is not as crazy as it sounds. You can set up a small unit under your hood to convert water to HHO (Browns Gas). The HHO is sucked into your air intake and burned with gasoline. It cost less than $200 for the equipment and it is easy to install yourself. This is a simple hydrogen on demand system. There are claims of 200% MPG fuel increase. I took a chance with my gas hogging 1995 Chevy G20 V8 van that gets 16 MPG highway. After the full installation I got 22 MPG highway. Since the water is free, I did get a 40% increase in my highway gas MPG. No; I did't get a 200% increase, but my results were still amazing. I hear that on smaller engine cars, the HHO unit does not work as well as the computer brain will adjust to make the engine run rich. This site with videos, tells all about burning water with gas.

5. Disconnect your air conditioner. You can leave it disconnected for 9 months out of the year. You disconnect it by unplugging the wires that attach to the condenser pump. On most cars the air conditioning pump will engage when you turn on the defrost. On some newer cars with climate control, the unit will turn on whenever it wants to. With the air conditioner off, you can experience up to 20% better mpg. Driving with your windows down on warmer days does not use the extra fuel as once believed. During the dog days of summer, you can hook up your air again.

6. Change your engine air filter every year during the fall. In the spring and summer months your air filter will plug with dust and pollen. Pollen is bad because it is sticky. No sense driving your car through the fall and winter months with a plugged air cleaner. A more restrictive airflow will cause your engine to run rich and use more fuel.

7. Make sure you car is tuned up so it is running great. Your automatic transmission can waste fuel if it is not working perfect. If you have never had your ATF changed, do it now! The ATF put in at the factory is junk compared to top brands like Pennzoil, Chevron, or Quaker State.

8. Keep your car clean. If you hang out at a major airport, you always see the jumbo jets getting washed. Keeping the jets clean has proven to save millions of gallons of fuel each year. A cleaner car has less wind resistance and will save fuel on longer trips. Also clean all the junk out of your car. Every 100 pounds of extra payload can cost you up to 2 mpg!

9. Change your driving habits. Drive like Grandpa. Go easy on the gas pedal and easy on the brakes. Change the amount of stops in your route. Sometimes you will use less fuel driving a longer or slower route to work insted of a short route with many traffic lights. If you do drive like a grandpa to save fuel, your car engine and catalytic converter could start to get carbon buildup. So once a month you need to really get on the gas for about 20 seconds to blow it out. Watch out for the cops!

10. Custom Accessories can really hurt your gas mileage. Avoid wide tires, airfoil wings, extra body plastic (ground effects) and luggage racks. The only add-on that really helps mpg is a better flowing exhaust system. A Cherry Bomb type glass-pack muffler replacement works great, plus it sounds cool.

11. Limit gas station shopping. Driving across town to save 5 cents on a gallon of gasoline is stupid. If you buy 10 gallons, you just used 75 cents in gas to save 50 cents on your fuel purchase. STUPID!

12. Buy a higher MPG car! This is not a crazy idea. You can pay for a nice and newer car with the money you will save on gas. Your old beater has got some value, so sell it and get a nicer ride. This is the quickest and most simple way to save money on fuel.

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